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Creightons Corner Elementary
23171 Minerva Drive  Ashburn,  VA  20148
(703) 957-4480
Absentee Line
 (703) 957-4481
Office Hours 
7:30 - 3:30
 (703) 327-4164
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Dennis Racke

Assistant Principal

Chris L. Knott


Contact Mr. Knott at:



Ruth Masella

Assistant Principal


Jody Sulzinski


Sheila McDonald

Attendance Secretary

Ann Miller

Theresa Adams 


 Click here to go to the LCPS web site for
Registration Information.
Registrations by Appointment ONLY
Please call the Main Office to get an appointment. 


Maximum class sizes for the 2015-16 school year have been established at LCPS elementary schools as follows:

Kindergarten = 25   Grades 1-3 = 28   Grades 4-5 = 31

As these maximums are reached at specific grade levels, new students will be assigned to another LCPS school through the Office of Elementary Education and placed on a numbered waiting list. If space should become available during the year, parents will be given the option to either enroll their child at the home school or have their child remain in the overflow school for the remainder of the school year. Transportation will be provided by the school district for any child assigned to an overflow school.

Creighton's Corner ES has reached the
maximum class sizes (we are now in overflow status)
at the following grade levels:
Grades 1, 2, and 4

 A photo ID is required to enter the building from
7:30 AM to 3:30 PM when school is in session.

If due to a disability, you need assistance to enable you
to participate meaningfully in our school activities,
please contact an administrator at 703-957-4480 at least
five working days prior to the activity. Thank you

Parent Liaison
For appointments please contact
Lisa Figueroa via e-mail or call the school.


School Board Members

Beth Huck, At Large Member  

Jill Turgeon, Blue Ridge District