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Learning Scale

4- I know enough to make connections that extend what I was taught. A grade of a 4.0 shows student ingenuity and intuitive understanding to go beyond the given material.
3- I know everything that was taught without making mistakes.
2- I know all of the easy parts, but I don't know the harder parts.
1- With help, I know some of what was taught.
-LCPSHit the Target
The students are meeting the target if they are earning a 3.0 or higher. We encourage all students to aim for the
 rainbow 4
Door 4 Movie 4 Sesame street 4 sidewalk chalk 4
Remember also, that there are two different kinds of assessments. Formative assessments occur while students are continuing to learn about a topic. These help to guide a teacher's instruction. The second type of assessment is summative. Summative assessments occur at the end of the learning opportunity or after a particular topic has been taught in full.