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  • Magic Apples

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/2/2015

    This week I told the story of Snow White using my retelling doll. Snow White


    The next day I received an e-mail in my inbox from Snow White and she dropped off a basket of apples for us to experiment with and to use during math.

     Snow White e-mail Snow White's apples

    Students worked with a parent volunteer on Thursday to make magic apples. magic apples

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  • Project Based Learning Bears- Visit from Vets

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/2/2015

    Today we had veterinarians come into our classroom so that we could share with them our bear movies and they could teach us about their careers. 

    I invited my favorite vet, my dad! 


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  • Project Based Learning with Bears

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/26/2015

    This has been a very exciting week. We have been studying bears for the last two weeks. This week we completed our bear videos. Students worked in groups to research. Students drew bear facts and narrated them for their movies. I was just checking the National Zoo's webpage and saw that they named the baby panda Bei Bei. I am looking forward to seeing the kids Monday to share this information with them. Bei Bei means "precious, treasure" in Mandarin Chinese and that he is!

    As we were researching we learned how big bears are when they stand on two feet like people. To demonstrate this concept to students I measured students against paper that was 11 ft, 9ft, and 6 ft tall. This was really helpful for students to visualize the actual size of these bears. We learned that black bears and panda bears can be 6 ft tall. Brown bears can be 9ft tall, but polar bears can be as big as 11 ft tall!!!

    Bear Height

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  • Writer's Workshop -Labeling

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/21/2015
     Today we worked on labeling items in our pictures that are familiar to us. We used our alphabet charts to support our thinking. To show students how helpful labels can be we labeled the teacher.
    Label Mrs. Brissing  
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  • Gigantic Gummy Bears

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/15/2015
    On Monday we placed gummy bears into 3 liquids to see what would happen to them. We let them sit overnight and then observed the changes that occurred. 
    The first bear was in water....
    water gummy  
    He expanded and got really gooey.
    The second bear was in salt water....
    salt water bear  
    He shrank a bit and lost some coloring. We were also able to see salt particles.
    The third bear soaked in vinegar...
    vinegar bear  
    He was stinky, bigger, and lost his shape.
     The fourth bear soaked in water and baking soda...
    baking soda bear  
    He was huge and became discolored.
    Explanation: The main ingredient in a gummy bear is sugar and gelatin. The gelatin absorbs some of the water and allows the bear to expand without dissolving.
    This is a fun activity to try at home and easy to replicate. At home you may even be allowed to eat the gummy bears, before they are soaked in salt water, vinegar, and baking soda of course! 
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  • Magic Milk

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/11/2015

    Magic Milk Today during science we made magic milk as an addition to our unit on colors. Students can complete this activity at home. First, we poured milk into a soup bowl. Then, we placed a drop of each color of food coloring into the center of the bowl. Next, we placed a drop of liquid soap on a q tip and placed it in the center of the bowl. We were immediately able to see the colors disperse and spread throughout the bowl. We then made predictions about what would happen if we placed soap in different areas. We tested our hypothesis by placing a small dab of soap on a q tip and placing it in different areas of the milk. We were able to see the milk move and mix. This is a fun and easy experiment to replicate at home. 

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  • 1st Week

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/4/2015

    What a great first week! We have been singing, dancing, making art, acting all week long. I can tell from week one that this is going to be a great year.

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  • Kindergarten Orientation

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 8/27/2015

    It was great meeting my new kinders! Mrs. Edwards and I are so excited to get to know each of them.

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  • The Great Gingerbread Chase

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 12/18/2014
    Today we baked and chased the gingerbread man. We went to every classroom in the whole school and couldn't find him anywhere. We did however find some clues and some notes written by the gingerbread man. When we got back to our classroom their was a huge mess! Also the window was open with a note attached to it. It said, "I've run and run I need some rest perhaps a vacation would suit me best." We are hoping to hear from him after winter break. Maybe we will receive a letter or postcard or two. Help keep the magic alive.
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  • Santa's Toothpaste

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 12/9/2014
    Santa's Toothpaste   Santa's Toothpaste
    Today in kindergarten we asked the question "How does Santa get toothpaste?" Without much hesitation the students responded, "He makes it." Today we made a batch of toothpaste for Santa in kindergarten. I promised the boys and girls I would post the experiment so they could duplicate it at home.
    First, place a plastic bottle in a large bowl to contain the mess. Then, in the bottle pour 1c of hydrogen peroxide, a generous squirt of soap, some green food coloring, and some peppermint extract. Swirt the bottle around to mix. Next, mix a packet of quick rising yeast with about 6 tablespoons of warm water in a separate bowl. Get your camera read and then pour the yeast mixture into the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Enjoy watching the reaction.
    If you complete this experiment please blog with me and post comments or pictures of your results.  
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