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  • Five Senses

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/14/2014
    For the last week we have been studying our five senses. Students participated in several activities that helped them to realize the importance of each of their senses. 
    Our week began by playing pin the squirrel in the hole in the tree (creative name, right?). Students were blindfolded and had to try to pin the squirrel in the hole in the tree, hence the name. We recorded results of how many students went above, below, and in the hole. Most of us missed the mark, reminding us of the importance of our sense of sight. When some students had trouble finding the tree we would clap and make noise to encourage them to move in a particular direction. This reminded us of the importance of our sense of hearing.
    While studying bats we played "Whose my mother" . I blindfolded one student and they were the momma bat. I placed lemon extract on a cotton ball and told them that that was the smell of their baby. I lined all other students up with cotton balls with vanilla extract and them asked the momma bat to find her baby. She had to find the student holding the lemon extract and then say "that's my baby."
    Students also used their sense of touch to describe items in touch bags. After feeling the objects students were asked to guess what object was in the bag.
    To end our study on the five senses I told students that I was baking and spilled the salt and sugar. I asked the students to help me determine which one was salt and which was sugar by using our five senses.
    Fall and winter are a great time to talk about the five senses with our children. Go on a walk with your child and ask them what sights they see, what sounds they hear, what smells they smell, different textures that they can feel outside. The tastes of fall and winter are some of my favorites.  
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  • 50 Days Smarter

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/14/2014
     50th day
        Golly time flies when you are having fun. It is hard to believe that we have already been in school 50 days! We spent the day celebrating that we are fifty days smarter by doing a 1950's art project. When you come by Banneker be sure to check it out. We also practiced twisting 50 times, hula hooping 50 times, making pink and black patterns, counting by 5's, counting by 10's, and enjoying root beer floats. What a day. I can't wait to see what happens when we are 100 days smarter!  
    50th Day 2014  
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  • Spider Quiz

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/29/2014
    We have been learning about spiders in kindergarten. Take the quiz below on spiders to see how much you know.
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  • Apple Fritters

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/9/2014
    Today we made apple fritters. Students were able to spin the apple corer to help us prepare for cooking. As students cored the apples they were able to see the different parts of the apple. Students were able to examine the core, seeds, skin, and flesh of the apple separately.  While we were waiting to our apple fritters we performed an apple taste test. Each student was able to try a yellow (Golden Delicious), green (Granny Smith), and a red (Red Delicious) apple. Surprisingly, 10/23 students preferred the green apple. The fewest number of people chose yellow apples. We discussed how funny it would be if an apple called Golden Delicious was not delicious at all. Most students liked the apple fritters, but a few students stated that they preferred their apples plain. Mrs. Edwards will be sending home a copy of the apple fritter recipe in case you would like to make some at home as a family.  
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  • Writer's Workshop -Labeling

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/8/2014
     Today we worked on labeling items in our pictures that are familiar to us. We used our alphabet charts to support our thinking. To show students how helpful labels can be, we labeled Mrs. Edwards.
    Label Mrs. Edwards  
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  • Gigantic Gummy Bears

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/19/2014
    On Thursday we place gummy bears into 3 liquids to see what would happen to them. We let them sit overnight and then observed the changes that occurred. 
    The first bear was in water....
    water gummy  
    He expanded and got really gooey.
    The second bear was in salt water....
    salt water bear  
    He shrank a bit and lost some coloring. We were also able to see salt particles.
    The third bear soaked in vinegar...
    vinegar bear  
    He was stinky, smaller, and lost his shape.
     The fourth bear soaked in water and baking soda...
    baking soda bear  
    He was huge and became discolored.
    Explanation: The main ingredient in a gummy bear is sugar and gelatin. The gelatin absorbs some of the water and allows the bear to expand without dissolving.
    This is a fun activity to try at home and easy to replicate. At home you may even be allowed to eat the gummy bears, before they are soaked in salt water, vinegar, and baking soda of course! 
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  • Magic Milk

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/16/2014
    Magic Milk Today during science we made magic milk as an addition to our unit on colors. Students can complete this activity at home. First, we poured milk into a soup bowl. Then, we placed a drop of each color of food coloring into the center of the bowl. Next, we placed a drop of liquid soap on a q tip and placed it in the center of the bowl. We were immediately able to see the colors disperse and spread throughout the bowl. We then made predictions about what would happen if we placed soap in different areas. We tested our hypothesis by placing a small dab of soap on a q tip and placing it in different areas of the milk. We were able to see the milk move and mix. This is a fun and easy experiment to replicate at home. 
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  • First Day of School

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/2/2014
    Today was a great day. We spent most of the day going over classroom routines and introducing students to procedures. We practiced walking quietly in the hallway, "practicing playground safety", learning our calendar routine, and  organizing our materials. We are taking the first week of kindergarten very slowly. We are getting used to waking up early and learning what it means to do school. I am looking forward to tomorrow. 
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  • Shout Out To My Former Fifth Graders

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 9/2/2014
    Good luck today to all of the Banneker students that are starting their first day of fifth grade. I am thinking about you and wishing you the best.
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  • Getting Ready !

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 8/27/2014 3:30:00 PM
    The room is almost ready. I am looking forward to K orientation and meeting new families. I am excited to be back in kindergarten and am looking forward to a successful year for all. 
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