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  • 50 Days Smarter

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/17/2015


     50th day
        Golly time flies when you are having fun. It is hard to believe that we have already been in school 50 days! We spent the day celebrating that we are fifty days smarter by doing a 1950's art project. When you come by Banneker be sure to check it out. We also practiced twisting 50 times, hula hooping 50 times, making pink and black patterns, counting by 5's, counting by 10's, and enjoying root beer floats. What a day. I can't wait to see what happens when we are 100 days smarter!  
    Check out pictures from our sock hop on our Banneker Youtube channel!
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  • Turkey Disguises

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/10/2015


    Enjoy our turkey disguises and pattern block turkeys!


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  • Five Senses

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/10/2015
    For the last week we have been studying our five senses. Students participated in several activities that helped them to realize the importance of each of their senses. 
    Our week began by playing pin the squirrel in the hole in the tree (creative name, right?). Students were blindfolded and had to try to pin the squirrel in the hole in the tree, hence the name. We recorded results of how many students went above, below, and in the hole. Most of us missed the mark, reminding us of the importance of our sense of sight. When some students had trouble finding the tree we would clap and make noise to encourage them to move in a particular direction. This reminded us of the importance of our sense of hearing.
    While studying bats we played "Whose my mother" . I blindfolded one student and they were the momma bat. I placed lemon extract on a cotton ball and told them that that was the smell of their baby. I lined all other students up with cotton balls with vanilla extract and them asked the momma bat to find her baby. She had to find the student holding the lemon extract and then say "that's my baby."
    Students also used their sense of touch to describe items in touch bags. After feeling the objects students were asked to guess what object was in the bag.
    To end our study on the five senses I told students that I was baking and spilled the salt and sugar. I asked the students to help me determine which one was salt and which was sugar by using our five senses.
    Fall and winter are a great time to talk about the five senses with our children. Go on a walk with your child and ask them what sights they see, what sounds they hear, what smells they smell, different textures that they can feel outside. The tastes of fall and winter are some of my favorites.  
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  • Thank you veterans!

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/10/2015

    Veterans Day

    Kindergarten has been talking about Veterans Day. The boys and girls wanted to thank the veterans for keeping them safe and protecting their freedoms. During our study we found out that many of the boys and girls have family members that are veterans. Thank you so much for your service and devotion to our country and children. Below you will find a link to our Banneker Creates YouTube channel and the video kindergarten made to honor our veterans. Please enjoy.

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  • Bravo Banneker Broncos!

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 11/4/2015

    We won Mr. Moss!!!! Well, we won P.E. with Mr. Moss. Kindergarten has had such a great first quarter. We tied with Mrs. Lynch's third grade class for earning the most broncos for the month of October. This is something to be so proud of, especially since the kindergartners are only in school half day. I am so pleased and proud. Keep up the good work gang!

    PE with MR. Moss

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  • Spooky Science

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/30/2015

    Students practiced making predictions, observations, and forming conclusions while participating in some spooky science activities.

    We cut gummy worms into long skinny pieces. Then we soaked them in water and baking soda. After several minutes we put the worms in a jar of vinegar and watched them dance.


    In another activity we filled some balloons with baking soda and placed them on top of a bottle of vinegar and watched in amazement!

    Frankenworms Here we go oh my Wowzers! Amazing

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  • Fall Celebration!

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/30/2015

    Thank you Mrs. Hasser for a wonderful party! It was so much fun watching those ghosts fly in the sky. Thank you to all of the parents that were able to attend. We look forward to seeing you at our sock hop on November 16th.

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  • Shapes

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/28/2015

    This week we have been studying shapes. The boys and girls practiced making shapes using Play-Doh and yarn. Students also looked at art to try to find shapes and tried to mimic the work of Pablo Picasso using shapes to help them construct a face. 

    blue play doh pink purple

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  • Cinderella And Her Pumpkins!

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/27/2015

    PM1 PM2 Bippity Boppity Pumpkin Parts Pumpkin Brace Map Brace Map #2


    On Monday, a small group of fifth graders, Mrs. Edwards, and I put on a dramatic reading of Cinderella. After the reader's theater the boys and girls found a basket of pumpkins and a note that said, "Bippity, Boppity, Boo these pumpkins are for you." Students worked in groups to measure and observe their pumpkns. Students also created models of the parts of a pumpkin.


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  • Middleburg Firefighter Visit

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 10/15/2015

    What a great day! Today we had a visit from the Middleburg Firefighters. They showed us their uniforms and we got to walk through the fire truck. 

    Tim Firefighter Crawl




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