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  • The Three Piggy Opera

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 5/21/2016

    Lady Pigs camden wolf brick house wolfie narrator momma pigs and pigs 3 pigs sammy Kate stickin it to the wolf Sofia 3 pigs again brick people Straw people


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  • Subtraction Bowling

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 5/19/2016

    Kim bowling Lucien bowling subtraction flipchart subtraction white boards


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  • PBL- Police Station

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 5/19/2016

    Police Station learning Station finger printing police reports


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  • PBL- Kinder Veterinary Center

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 5/17/2016

    Vet 1 Vet 2 Vet 3 Vet 5 vet 5 vet 6 Students made use of the pet vet students made during our cardboard creation PBL experience. These projects were encouraged by the story of a young man named Caine. He made an entire arcade out of cardboard boxes. Students were inspired by his story to create. Students divded into five groups to make five play stations. The catch was that students had to explain what they could learn through playing in their station. The first station was the kinder pet vet. Students determined that they could learn about nutrition, measuring and weighing, pet care, taking responsibility, kindness, and much more. This station was an incredible success based on the numerous amount of animal lovers we have in kindergarten. 

    Stay tuned next week for pictures from our police station. 


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  • Hair Growth

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 4/25/2016

    We have hair and a lot of it!

    Grass 1 Grass 2 Grass 3

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  • April Hallway Display

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 4/20/2016

    Frog and Flower Eric Carle Butterflies Jack and the beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel Jack and the Beanstalk Hansel and Gretel Wild Thing Princess and the Pea

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  • Third Grade Fairy Tales

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 4/20/2016

    The third graders studies Cinderella stories from around the and were inspired to write their own fairy tales. The third graders shared their stories with us today. 

    Cooper Jacob and charlie Kate

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  • Fraction Stations

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 4/20/2016

    fraction sort pizza ipad Word Problems Pro Board Pizza Fractions Fraction circles

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  • Planting

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 4/18/2016

    Look What's Blooming in Kindergarten

    Colored Carnations Parts of the Plant Grassheads The Cow in Patrick O'Shanahan's Kitchen Bess's poster Mr. Putnam Mr. Putnam and Class

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  • Leprechaun Traps

    Posted by SARAH BRISSING at 3/19/2016

    hat room potty me vs you clues cameras Ivys trap



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