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This page will be updated as projects are assigned. 
Glogster Instructions Spanish II - Ms. Rojas - May 2014
Fashion Design Project  - Ms. Creamer September 2013
Regions of Spain  -  Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Goodwin ~  September/October 2013
Hispanic Heritage Month/Famous Person Project  -  Spanish 2 - Mrs. Rice/Rojas/Carrington - September 2013
Regional Economies within Africa - Mrs. Rosati September 2013
Social Issues Pathfinder   - 9th Grade English classes - Ms. Thomas, Ms. Stender -  Fall 2013
Spanish IV Artist Project - Mrs. Goodwin and Ms. Colby November 2013
Biography Pathfinder 9th grade - Mr. Schwarz November 2013
Spanish III Sports  - Wright/Rojas - December 2013
9th Grade Social Science Research Paper  - pathfinder with links for locating sources and finding a topic. See also  How to Locate the Public Library's Databases - video tutorial
 Roman Army Resources - Latin 3 Ms. Newell - December 2013
Multi-Media Sampler - links to examples and tutorials for multimedia tools other than PowerPoint - Ms. Rojas, December 2013
Speech Analysis Resources - Mr. Sarmiento -  January 2014 - lists books in the library as well as online resources for students to use to find and analyze a speech.   Web Resources  Research Resources
Global World Studies - Mrs. Pruitt- January 2014 - Use these database links for your mid-term research project.
Charities and Nonprofits -  English 10 - April 2014. Use the links here to identify and research a charity of your choice. 
Topics in Careers and Professions  -   English 11 - February 2014. Locate an interesting profession, research controversial issues that impact the profession, and learn advanced search strategies.
Sports Marketing Black History Month Project - Mrs. Mangano - February 2014. Find print resource advice and links to online resources.
Spanish 3 Travel Brochures - Mrs. Wright - April 2014. Use links to find practical info about your chosen country. 
Careers and Professions Research - Mr. Hochkeppel English 10. 
Spanish 5 Historical Hero Project  - Mrs. Goodwin - May 2014
Worksheets and Activities:
Reading with Young Children - Teacher Cadets October 2013
Greek Mythology Project- Ms. Santosuosso's class October 2013  
MLA and APA Citations Worksheet - use this handy sheet to record your source's publication information; create citations later

World Literature English 12 -  February 2013   
World Literature Annotated Booklist (with brief summaries)

Research Topics: